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The "Catmaster Gold FP5 C5" vaccine consists of two separately packaged components:

Lyophilized component contains live attenuated pathogens of infectious rheinotracheitis of cattle strain RLB 106, parainfluenza-3 strain RLB 103 and respiratory syncytial infection strain BRSV / 375;

The liquid component contains the killed pathogen of viral diarrhea type 1 and 2 strains 5960 and 536S7, and inactivated leptospira serogroups: L. Canicola, L. Grippotypl1osa, L. Hardjo L. Icteroluschogharaie and L. Pomona with the addition of gentamicin (not more than 30 μg / ml) And mertiolate (not more than 0.01%) as preservatives.

The lyophilized component in appearance is a homogeneous porous mass from white to pale yellow, the liquid component is a liquid of white color.

Form of issue

The lyophilized component of the vaccine is packaged in 25 doses into glass vials of appropriate capacity, and the liquid component into plastic bottles with a capacity of 125 cm3.

Pharmacological properties

The vaccine provides the formation of an immune response in cattle against the causative agents of infectious rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3, respiratory syncytial infection and leptospirosis caused by L. Canicola, L. Grippotyphosa, L. Hardjo L. Icterohaemorrhagiae and L. Pomona, 3 Weeks after a two-time vaccination, lasting not less than 12 months.

Indications for use

The vaccine is intended for prophylactic immunization of cattle against: abortions caused by infectious rhinotracheitis pathogens and viral diarrhea of ​​cattle; Respiratory diseases caused by pathogens of infectious rhinotracheitis, viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3 and respiratory syncytial infection of bovine animals; Leptospirosis, caused by leptospira of the five indicated serogroups.

Before using the vaccine, the contents of the vial with the liquid component are transferred to the vial with the lyophilized component, following aseptic rules, and shaken until completely dissolved. The vaccine is injected subcutaneously into the neck area in a volume of 5 cm3 (1 dose). The injection site is treated with 70% alcohol or other antiseptic. Animals are provided with proper care and maintenance.

Primary vaccination

Inoculate healthy animals twice with an interval of 3-4 weeks. Vaccination is recommended to begin as soon as the level of colostral antibodies drops below neutralizing. In order to prevent abortions in cows caused by rhinotracheitis viruses and viral diarrhea in calves, double vaccination of cows is recommended for 5 and 2 weeks before insemination. In cattle vaccinated at the age of 6 months, it is necessary to re-vaccinate after reaching the age of 6 months.


A vaccine is vaccinated annually with a single dose of vaccine. After the introduction of the "Catlmaster Gold FP5 L5" vaccine, an allergic reaction is possible. In this case, animals undergo appropriate symptomatic therapy. The immune response can be reduced in animals suffering from stress (transport, rearrangement, etc.), animals in unfavorable environmental conditions, with improper feeding, as well as failure to comply with the instructions for use of the vaccine. Administration to animals of hyperimmune sera or immunosuppressants for 1 month before or after vaccination may reduce the immune response. In this case, to ensure the formation of immunity sufficient tension, additional administration of the vaccine may be necessary.

Waiting times

Slaughter animals for meat is allowed no earlier than 21 days after vaccination, milk is used without restrictions.

Storage conditions

The vaccine is stored and transported in its original packaging in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 20 to 70 ° C. Do not allow freezing. Shelf life of the vaccine is 12 months from the date of manufacture under the specified storage conditions.

Manufacturer: Pfizer, USA

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